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Time is Dancing


Landscape and the outdoors is a reoccurring theme in my work over the last few years. I am often drawn to the idea of being small in a big world as well as a sense of fragility. I like the idea of the viewer's personal narrative that is constructed when viewing the image.

This print was based on memories of being stuck in a blizzard when I was little and going sledging, I've always loved the slightly transcendent effect snow can have in the way that it changes the light and sounds around you. I always loved the CS Lewis Narnia books when I was a child, this particularly reminds me of The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe and reading that with awe and wonder, imagining each scene as I read.

Time is dancing is a three colour screen print of an original illustration that I've done. Its printed onto 250gsm Fabriano Unica 50% Cotton paper. The size of the print is 27 by 39 cm with the paper size being 25 by 28.5cm. With screen printing, each layer of colour is printed separately by hand - see some of the photos of me printing this one - there are slight differences depending on the amount of pressure I use with the squeegee and when lining up each layer of colour with the previous one.

Edition of 30.

The print has been hand printed by myself and is sold unframed and is shipped in rolled in tissue paper and sent in a sturdy postal tube. Frame and mount not included.